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At Sticky we love to celebrate. This can be as big or small as you like. Invite all your friends for a party, baby shower, gender reveal party or a high tea. The high tea is from 2 to many people. Perfect for celebrating your birthday, new job or just enjoying quality time together. Everyone can enjoy our packages as we can make them gluten free or vegan as well!



In addition, we host all types of events from product and book launches to workshops. Rent the full place and decorate it as you wish, while we take care of the coffee, treats and/or lunch.


Lets celebrate!

Do you want to order a cake, know more about the celebration possibilities or book directly? Send an e-mail to 

Want to reserve a baby shower, gender reveal party or high tea?
Please mention which event you would like to organize, which date&time and the amount of persons. 

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