Ready to get your fingers sticky?

At Sticky Fingers you will only eat and drink 100% organic and pure products. We have good coffee and yummy treats we are sure you can´t keep your hands off them. A lot of our products are vegan and gluten free, which means there is something for everyone. Just pass by and try it out! We know you want to...


Next to our usual bites we also offer new treats every week!




Kokos makroon 1,5

Pain au chocolat 2

Croissant 2

Chocolate chip cookie 2

Oatmeal cookie 2

Granola bar 2,5

Vegan chocolate brownie 4

Worteltaartje 4

Appeltaartje 4

By Sharp Sharp:
Today, yesterday, tomorrow 4

Lemons and limes 4

Tjok shock 4

Berry white NO-Cheesecake 4

Pinky Pie 4

Tea (from TeaBar) 2,5
Tea fresh mint/ginger 3
Espresso 2,2
Americano 3
Cappuccino 3
Latte macchiato 3,8
Flat white 3,5
Chai latte 3,5
Hot chocolate 3

Mocha 3,5

Iced Mocha 3,5

Matcha latte 3,5

Pumpkin Spice Latte 4

Sodas and juices 3,2
Soy / oat milk 0,5