For coffee, treats & lunch in Amsterdam. Whatever your desire, savory or sweet, I have the perfect treat. Homemade and organic. Just #BiteMe.

Variation of tartelettes
Quiches (2 kinds)
Sandwiches (2 kinds)
Mini tartelettes (3 kinds)
Coconut macaroons
Cookies (2 kinds)
Unlimited tea & 1 coffee
Savory dish from restaurant MOER
Bookable between 12:00-17:00 | €19,50 p.p. or €24,50 p.p. (with glass of prosecco) | Reservations only via 020 820 33 32 or
€12,50 p.p.
2 cups of coffee or tea
Tartelette pink or blue and cookies

€29,50 p.p.
Unlimited coffee and tea
Tartelettes pink or blue
Glass of alcohol free bubbles
Savory dish from restaurant MOER
Reservations only via
€12,50 p.p.
2 cups of coffee or tea
Mini tartelettes

€19,50 p.p.
1 coffee and unlimited tea
Mini tartelettes (3 kinds)
Cookies (2 kinds)
Quiches (2 kinds)
Coconut macaroons
Finger sandwiches (2 kinds)
Savory dish from restaurant MOER

€29,50 p.p.
Unlimited coffee and tea
Mini tartelettes (3 kinds)
Cookies (2 kinds)
Quiche (2 kinds)
Coconut macaroons
Glass of alcohol free bubbles
Finger sandwiches (2 kinds)
Savory dish from restaurant MOER
A present!
Reservations only via














































Sandwich cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado 8
Sandwich smoked chicken with celeriac and sultanas lettuce 7,5
Sandwich burrata, pesto, pine nuts and arugula 7
Soup of the day 6
Salad mesclun, chickpeas, tomato, grilled paprika, boiled egg and french dressing 7
Salad mesclun, avocado, walnut, feta and honey dressing 6
Flammkuchen pulled pork 9,95
Flammkuchen salmon 11
Flammkuchen veggie 9,95
3 Rice waffle with different spreads 6
Overnight oats, coconut milk, banana, cinnamon, blueberry 5
Chocolate cookie 3
Oatmeal cookie 2,5
Pain au chocolat 2,5
Croissant 2,4
Yoghurt with granola 5
Coconut macaroon 1,5
Tartelette lemon/banoffee 3,5
Quiche of the day 4,5
Carrot cake 4,5
Lemon cake 2,5
Chocolate nemesis 2,5
Banana bread 3
Vegan banana bread 3,5
Vegan tiramisu 5
Bouche of the season 3,5
Vegan cheesecake 3,5

Tea (from TeaBar) 2,5
Tea fresh mint/ginger 3
Espresso 2,2
Americano 3
Filter Coffee 3,5
French Press 3,5
Aeropress 3,5
Cold Brew 3,5
Cappuccino 3
Latte macchiato 3,8
Flat white 3,5
Chai latte 3,5
Hot chocolate 3
Soy / oat 0,5
Iced Mokka 3,5
Matcha Latte 3,5
Fresh orange juice 4
Soda 3,2

We serve Moyee Coffee. Fairchain, organic & delicious.




















Spoil your senses and tickle your tastebuds. Take away or stay all day. It's always a good moment to treat yourself with coffee and delicious treats. Do you have something to celebrate in Amsterdam? Sticky Fingers organizes your slow tea, baby shower or gender reveal party. Invite your mom, brother or a friend for a slow tea - like a high tea, but different. Lock up your cell phone and enjoy quality time together, while we spoil you with plenty of treat. Is your sister or best friend getting a baby? Time to organize a proper baby shower or gender reveal party. Tartelettes, plenty of tea and other treats, we'll take care of it!




Amstelveenseweg 3
1054 MB Amsterdam
tel: 020 820 33 32

PRESS tel: 020 820 33 33

Opening times:

Monday until Friday 08:00 until 17:00
Saturday & Sunday 08:00 until 18:00


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